WIN-WIN-WIN: How Plastic Credits with TONTOTON Benefit Everyone

win win win

When it comes to choosing a plastic credit system, you should know that your company is investing in a system that will grant lasting change.

That’s why TONTOTON operates under the WIN-WIN-WIN system. As we remove tons of plastic waste, funded through plastic credits, we also take additional measures in order to ensure that we provide plenty of opportunities in the communities where we work and that our corporate partners make additional choices to further reduce their own plastic waste.

This results in a plastic credit system that you won’t find elsewhere. Every member of this system, from your company to the waste pickers and their communities, can find great benefits in our projects. Let’s talk a little more about what this looks like.

company win

Studies show that consumers prefer to support sustainable businesses. They’re even willing to spend more money on a product if they know that it comes from a green source.

If consumers can see the projects that you’re helping to fund, it could improve customer loyalty, therefore improving profit margins. You can even use your company’s sustainable choices as an example, educating your customers about the importance of sustainability in your social media marketing strategy and highlighting your company as a green business.

Furthermore, when you work with TONTOTON, you’ll be encouraged to make additional sustainable choices. This will allow you to further improve your company’s image when it comes to the environment.

Waste pickers and local communities win

cambodia waste picker

Perhaps the biggest winners under TONTOTON’s plastic credit system are the waste pickers and the local communities in which we operate.

Until now, there hasn’t been a market for non-recyclable plastic. TONTOTON has created that market. We purchase orphan plastic (low-value, post-consumer plastic waste) from waste pickers and other collectors in the community and deliver them to cement kilns for co-processing. 

But, we don’t just provide additional income to waste pickers and local communities. We also provide personal protection equipment, access to healthcare, fair wages, and training, ensuring a higher quality work experience than they may have had previously. In Vietnam, we currently employ 150 waste pickers, most of whom are women, who have enjoyed increased income to help their families. And, with expansion, we’re only going to help more people.

In fact, due to our success in southern Vietnam, we are currently working to expand to locations in northern Vietnam and Cambodia. Communities in these areas will similarly benefit because of the monetization of orphan plastic. Individual households will be able to separate and sell their plastic, providing incentive to clean their own communities while making an income. This empowers communities to take the cleanup process into their own hands. In many ways, this system is more efficient than systems currently in place; members of the community will be more apt to take action to clean their communities because they see a direct benefit. 

Our system focuses on plastics that are usually ignored, providing an additional income to waste pickers and households while simultaneously removing plastic from the environment. It’s a solution that makes a positive change that can be felt immediately by members of the local communities.

The environment wins

ocean win

Perhaps obviously, the environment wins as well. But, it’s not just because of the collection of plastic waste.

We focus on orphan plastic, a type of waste that is largely ignored. At the end of 2021, we project to remove 600 tons of orphan plastic from the environment, and we hope to reach our capacity of plastic removal (25,000 tons of orphan plastic per year) within 5 – 10 years.

Because we are self-funded, through plastic credits, it ensures light operations that we can closely monitor. We are audited by a third party, Control Union under the Ocean-Bound Plastic Neutrality Protocol, which enables us to boast the highest environmental standards. 

The projects also offer added value; they address non-recyclable plastic which, until now, has been ignored. We recover the plastic by co-processing. The plastic waste is delivered to partner cement factories who then convert the plastic for energy. Plastic provides more energy than coal, and it burns cleaner by means of co-processing, so the cement kilns are able to reduce their carbon footprint—another win. The ashes leftover from the burning are then blended into the cement, resulting in zero waste.

Beyond this, in 2022, we will develop programs to rescue tide plastic—plastic waste that’s found in the strandline. Plastics in this area are typically found floating in shallow waters and are brought in by the tide. Using beach cleaning technology, we will rescue these plastics before they are taken by the sea and lost into the ocean forever.

The key to a superior environmental program is additionality. TONTOTON provides that through focusing on orphan plastic and managing the plastic waste in a clean, zero-waste process. Every step of our journey, from supporting waste pickers and local communities to providing cement factories with cleaner, more efficient energy, promises a positive impact.

Your plastic credits not only go toward projects that remove plastic from the environment—plastic that is usually ignored and left to poison the environment—which allows your company to boast plastic neutrality, but they also, and perhaps most importantly, empower communities and allow additional income to those who truly need it. This goes beyond the standard of a typical environmental credit system, creating a global benefit (plastic waste removal) that provides an immediate positive impact to the communities most affected by orphan plastic waste.

Want to get involved in this unmatched plastic credit system? Learn more about TONTOTON today.