TONTOTON is a company specializing in plastic waste management, offering sustainable solutions for reducing ocean plastics through the inclusive plastic waste collection and responsible management practices.
coastal pollution

(Ho Chi Minh City) Founded by environmentalist and company CEO Barak Ekshtein, TONTOTON was established to solve two major ecological issues: the collection and recycling of large quantities of “orphan plastic” or non-recyclable plastics before it reaches the ocean while simultaneously inspiring corporations to take responsibility for their contribution to the growing global crisis.

By collaborating with local communities, TONTOTON’s service allows companies to reduce plastic pollution by collecting non-recyclable plastic alongside recycled plastic used in their products. IE: 1 TONTOTON credit = 1 ton of rescued “orphan plastic”, making the TONTOTON solution the missing link for the completion of the recycling system of all single-use plastics.

plastic neutralization

On March 2nd of 2021, TONTOTON became the first company worldwide certified under the Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality Standard. The plastic pollution crisis needs immediate action to reduce air pollution caused by open air burning and to stop the flow of plastic waste into the ocean. TONTOTON, with the help of international companies, offers an immediate and long-term solution to upcycle plastic waste into usable energy and raw materials.  As Vietnam is the 4th largest contributor to marine plastic pollution globally, with an estimated 2,500 tons of plastic waste discharged daily, the TONTOTON activities are currently focusing on poor waste management areas of North and South Vietnam.

“After many years of activity in the reusable packaging market, we have seen a growing demand for sustainable impact from our customers. I have seen that single-use plastic cannot be recycled and therefore is not collected, I call it “orphan plastic” and it constitutes much of the waste in the environment and in the oceans. Through our certified plastic credit system, we have built a solution which allows companies to support the treatment of “orphan plastic” and make a sustainable global impact.” – Barak Ekshtein, Founder and CEO, TONTOTON.