The TONTOTON Team is currently working on the development of the following technologies
to improve the effectiveness, traceability, and reliability of our program.


Drone System

TONTOTON aims to close the tap of plastic leakage in Vietnam. For this reason, the program needs to find the locations at risk to set an effective collection system per site. TONTOTON Team will partner with a company to identify locations to collect orphan plastic.

Plastic Identification


GPS Tracking system

The Ocean Bound Plastic Certification requires us to define working areas for our waste pickers. They will be approved by our 3rd Party Control Body, Control Union.

To ensure traceability, our team will create a device to locate the positions of our collectors and verify the sources of collections.

tontoton tracking technology


App Reporting

We will create a phone App to ensure the reliability of our daily information from the collected orphan plastic.
After entering their ID and password, collectors will enter information about the plastic collection of the day. 

After the submission, our team will carefully treat the form.
The details will be compared with the report of the storage. If these details are the same, they will be validated by the TONTOTON Team.