A Social and Environmental solution

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Almost every single-use plastic is considered a low-value product. Thus, post-consumer plastics are not collected either recycled, making it orphan plastic. As a result, orphan plastics are more likely to become marine litter.

However, TONTOTON has found a new solution for orphan plastic: create a new market.

TONTOTON’s Collection Points receive all types of plastic and textile waste. Therefore, creating more collection opportunities for waste pickers as they can efficiently gather more waste, which will increase their income.

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Little girl running on a beach of
Hon Son Island, January 2020

Hon Son Island, January 2020

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Waste Manager of Hon Son Island.
discussing with TONTOTON Team.


waste management approach

The co-processing of waste has been recognized as a recovery operation under EU legislation


  • Conservation of non-renewable fossil fuels ​& natural resources:
    → Thanks to the use of plastic waste as an alternative fuel,​ there is no extraction of fossil fuels, limestone, or any other minerals.
    ​I.C.16 Basel Convention Technical Guidelines p.10

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions​:
    → Integrating cement kiln co-processing within an overall waste management strategy may offer the potential ​to reduce net global CO2 emissions relative ​
    to a scenario where waste is combusted ​in an incinerator without energy recovery. ​
    I.C.22 Basel Convention Technical Guidelines p.10​

    This solution enables the avoidance of open-air plastic burn and provides a greener solution for the cement industry.

TONTOTON’s collection points are the starting point for the waste, later transported to a co-processing plant.

The co-processing is a technology that converts manufacturing waste into AFRM (Alternative Fuels & Raw Materials). The energy reduces the need for conventional fuels, while the leftover ashes are used as a raw material in the production of cement.

Besides, TONTOTON cooperates with local businesses, environmental programs, NGOs, the fishing industry, beach-clean up days, local communities, tourist activities, and more. TONTOTON’s program builds waste-collecting opportunities, social engagement, and awareness on many levels.


Plastic waste in the pre-processing
phase, prepared for shredding

INSEE Cement Plant, Hon Chong Vietnam


Waste burned to be used as Alternative Fuel
& Raw Materials (ashes reused in cement).