Coastal Community
Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality Certification
195.9 km²

“If you don’t have anyone collecting it, if you don’t have any means to stop it, then this is the reality of what will happen and keep on happening…. Every river, every lake just filled with mountains and mountains of plastic as is already the case all over Cambodia (The Guardian, 2018).”

TONTOTON’s Plastic Collection Centers in the coastal areas of Cambodia are helping to stop plastic pollution and its flow into the ocean while strengthening vulnerable communities.

Our centers allow residents and informal waste pickers to enjoy the additional income and improve their living conditions. Your participation in the project helps reduce poverty, strengthen vulnerable communities and reduce plastic pollution in the oceans.
Through TONTOTON’s Certified Plastic Credit system you can be part of this solution.

Rescued: 60 tons this year
Potential OBP: 12000 tons yearly