All Dreams Cambodia

TONTOTON’s Impactful Partnership with All Dreams Cambodia

A dedicated advocate for responsible and sustainable tourism. Together, TONTOTON and All Dreams Cambodia are championing a cleaner environment and spreading awareness about plastic reduction in the tourism sector.

Building a Sustainable Future: The First Classroom

All Dreams Cambodia proudly supports TONTOTON’s groundbreaking initiative – the construction of our first classroom made entirely from recycled plastic. This eco-friendly classroom stands tall in the AllKids daycare center, providing a safe and inspiring learning space for over 120 students.

All Dreams Cambodia
All Dreams Cambodia

About All Dreams Cambodia

Founded in 2013 by four passionate travel specialists, All Dreams Cambodia operates as a Destination Management Company (DMC). Committed to transforming good intentions into actions, ADC offers authentic and bespoke travel experiences while contributing positively to Cambodia’s socioeconomic development.

Advocating Responsible Tourism

Recognizing the impact of tourism on both people and the planet, All Dreams Cambodia actively promotes responsible behaviors and sustainable practices. With a keen awareness of Cambodia’s vulnerability to climate change, ADC addresses the pressing issue of plastic pollution in the tourism industry.

All Dreams Cambodia

Joining Forces Against Plastic Pollution

The tourism sector often contributes to plastic pollution, creating a significant environmental challenge. All Dreams Cambodia and TONTOTON are united in their mission to combat this issue, fostering positive change in the industry and beyond.

Together, we believe in creating a sustainable future for Cambodia, where tourism not only enriches experiences but also preserves the country’s natural and cultural heritage.

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Including plastic credit as additional impact and purpose to your companies' CSR and Sustainability programs


We collaborate with local communities to collect orphan ocean-bound plastic on your behalf


We recycle, upcycle or co-process all rescued plastic, leaving nothing behind


Become a supporter of the Plastic-Free Coastlines Movement