What is Plastic Credit?

TONTOTON is a certified plastic credit program
that creates, in particularly polluted coastal areas
a community-based solution for the collection and management of orphan plastics

Every company that uses plastic in their products
has an environmental Plastic Footprint.

It’s created by the virgin or recycled plastic they use as a raw material
in the process of producing their specific product(s).

Children's ball pool with colored balls, 3D rendering isolated on white background

Imagine an inflatable pool full of plastic balls representing our global plastic consumption yearly.

In that case, each ball is a different company that uses plastic.
Like the other businesses, your ball represents the plastic products and packaging that you produce each year.

In other terms, this is your plastic footprint.

TONTOTON helps companies to take responsibility of not only the recyclable plastic wastes, but more so, the orphan plastics that the current commodity market cannot recycle therefore becomes the biggest problem in the plastic waste management loop. While plastic credit can help balance the companies’ plastic footprint with the same amount of collected plastic waste in most polluted areas, it is also a tool for companies to do more and influence a market balance between recyclable and non-recyclable plastic wastes.

plastic neutralization
Plastic Footprint

What does it mean?

‘Company A’ has added 300 tons of plastic products to the global pool this year.

TONTOTON, supported by the company,
will take out 300 tons (or more) of non-recyclable
ocean-bound plastic from the pool and take accountability of its plastic footprint. 



We rescue orphan plastic from different areas in Vietnam


We store our plastic collection in bags in our facilities, before treating them


We inspect, measure, weigh our plastic, and prepare them before valorization


We transport our plastic by boat and/or truck to its final destination, the co-processing plant


We co-process rescued plastics to produce Alternative Fuels & Raw Materials (AFRM)


We submit our processing activities to Control Union to obtain our Neutralization Certificate