A Brief Look at Plastic Credit: What You Need to Know to Do It Right


It’s no secret that our world is in trouble. We’re consuming more resources than we’re producing and creating more waste than we can properly eliminate. As a world community, we must find solutions to slow down our negative environmental impact. Plastic credits provide an opportunity to do that.

What are plastic credits?

By purchasing carbon credits, you can take responsibility for the plastic waste you generate. Basically, you purchase plastic credits based on the weight of the plastic that your company produces. The money spent on the plastic credits will then go toward environmental projects that will eliminate an equal amount of orphan plastics as you produce.


What should you look for when purchasing plastic credits?

Since plastic credits are a fairly new concept, they are not regulated the way carbon credits or other environmental programs are. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you buy plastic credits from a trustworthy company that manages them properly and finances projects aimed at controlling post-consumer plastic waste in the environment.

To ensure that your plastic credits fund excellent projects, look for the following things when researching where you will buy your plastic credits from.

  • They are certified by a third party.
  • Their elimination of plastic is measurable and tracked by a third party.
  • Their projects add to the recycling effort (they are projects that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise).

Are plastic credits a long-term solution?

They are not a long-term solution. Ideally, we would be working toward eliminating orphan plastics entirely, while plastic credits only serve to assist in managing the disposal of orphan plastics. However, they are a positive short-term remedy while we, as a world community, determine a more sustainable solution.

You may ask why orphan plastic elimination isn’t feasible at this point. The answer is simple: plastic is cheap to produce, and it has many uses. We rely upon orphan plastic, and we don’t have a material that can replace it.

For now, plastic credits allow companies to continue to use and produce single-use plastics while ensuring that those plastics stay out of our oceans and are properly disposed of.

Why should you purchase plastic credits?

Beyond the social push for sustainability (and the subsequent consumer base you’ll gain once adopting sustainable practices), purchasing plastic credits will allow your company to take responsibility for your plastic production.

Top reasons for purchasing plastic credits:

  • Your company can claim sustainable practices without having to drastically change your day-to-day administration.
  • Your investment will support projects that positively impact both the local community and the global community.
  • It allows your company to be among those searching for a solution to plastic waste.

It’s clear that individuals and businesses alike need to make changes in order to ensure a bright and clean future for our world. Investing in plastic credits is one way to be part of positive change.


Remember earlier when we talked about the things you need to look for when deciding which company to buy your plastic credits from? TONTOTON offers all of those.

  • TONTOTON’s work follows the strict Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality Standard created by Zero Plastic Oceans.
  • Neutralization Certificates are emitted by the Control Union, which confirms the amount of ocean-bound plastic material collected by TONTOTON.
  • We work in areas of southern Vietnam that have inefficient or nonexistent plastic recycling programs. Using our WIN-WIN-WIN methodology, our system serves to benefit the environment, the society (through our programs to assist local workers who collect plastic litter), and your business.

If you purchase plastic credits via TONTOTON, you can be confident that they manage plastic waste responsibly through their inclusive collection process.