How Can Your Plastic Neutral Products Add Value to the Consumer Market?

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Customer value is one of the top priorities of any company. As it should be; without providing value, you’ll lose customers and, therefore, your business will fail. You have to create and sell products and services that will make a positive impact in your customer’s life. To accomplish this, you need to get into the heads of your customers to understand what exactly they value.

This goes beyond the product itself. Modern customers have more access to information than ever before. Because of this, consumers pay attention to how companies work in addition to the products that they produce. Customer value now includes things like social and environmental practices alongside more traditional customer values like customer service and quality of the product itself. 

As you build your company’s growth strategy, you’ll need to make sure that it includes effective sustainability strategies for the future. But, good sustainability business models take years to strategize and implement. What can you do now to add environmental value to the consumer market? Plastic credits through TONTOTON can help

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Plastic waste is one of the most concerning environmental issues today, both scientifically and from a consumer value standpoint. Plastic waste never fully breaks down, and microplastics leak into the ground and waterways. Additionally, plastic waste is killing marine wildlife and destroying marine ecosystems, many of which are depended upon by vulnerable communities. 

Customers care about this issue; according to Newsweek, 87% of shoppers in the US are concerned about plastic waste and packaging. It’s clear that your company’s plastic waste is something that needs to be addressed if customer concerns are your priority.

When a product is plastic neutral, it means that its producers have funded projects to eliminate an equal amount of plastic waste from the environment as is found in the product and product packaging. The product itself will still contain plastic, but steps have been taken to preemptively remove existing plastic waste that’s been abandoned to nature. Therefore, the product is plastic neutral: no extra plastic waste has been created for this product.

Plastic neutrality isn’t a long-term solution, but it does provide immediate recourse to help address the current plastic waste issue while producers, law makers, and environmental experts can develop effective and long-lasting sustainability solutions. It’s a means to an end, and your company must make additional changes in order to minimize your plastic waste. It’s not just the right thing to do; if current regulatory trends are to be believed, it will soon be a requirement and, therefore, a financial burden. 

Furthermore, modern customers are savvy, and they will be able to tell when your sustainability promises are empty. You can’t simply boast plastic neutrality without further sustainability goals and expect to maintain the support of those who care about environmental issues.

Creating value for your customers through plastic credits

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The key to building a loyal customer base is through creating value for your customers. You need to offer products and services that your customers seek out time and time again. 

The product itself is only a piece of this. Yes, you need to offer a quality product that your customers enjoy using, but value also comes from things like your company’s branding, customer service policies, company culture, and what your company stands for. People care as much about the company and the impact that it has as they do about the products they use. It’s important that you carefully cultivate your company’s image and make positive social and environmental choices in order to maintain your customer base.

Plastic credits offer an immediate way to create value for your customers through sustainability. We’ve already established that environmental issues are a thing of value for many customers. In fact, according to Forbes, 88% of US and UK customers say that they seek the help of brands to make their environmental choices easier. 

Plastic credits give your company a way to provide that value right away. Effective sustainability strategies take years to implement. But, consumers are impatient; they want to see greener choices now. Through plastic credits, you can show your immediate environmental action while you strategize ways to make real, lasting environmental change that your customers will appreciate for decades to come.

Creating additional value for your consumers


As mentioned in the previous section, consumers want companies to make it easier for them to be more environmentally friendly. This includes things like providing recyclable packaging and providing ethically sourced products.

In contrast, the same survey discovered that 43% of consumers believed that companies actually made it harder for them to make better environmental choices. This was largely due to non-recyclable plastic packaging, which creates guilt when it comes time for disposal.

Furthermore, it’s become a trend that more sustainable options come with a mark-up. Although consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable and ethical products, this mark-up also makes it more difficult for consumers to make the more responsible environmental choice, which is something that they want the companies that they support to make easier.

Offering plastic neutral products gives your customers the value that they crave without any product markups. Customers can enjoy your products guilt-free knowing that each piece of plastic, even if it’s nonrecyclable packaging, results in an equivalent amount of plastic being removed from the environment. 

Plastic credits through TONTOTON: Providing environmental and social value to your products


Now that you understand how investing in plastic credits can create value for your customers, it’s time to choose which plastic credit agency to invest in. There are many agencies out there, and you want to make sure that your sustainable investment is going toward something that truly makes a difference

A good plastic crediting system won’t just focus on removing plastic waste from the environment. It will take social and local economic challenges into consideration, and the communities in which the projects take place should see positive changes as a result of the plastic waste projects. As we work to save our planet, we must continue to support people, especially those in more vulnerable communities.

TONTOTON not only focuses on plastic waste that’s been ignored until now—orphan plastic—but we also provide additional sources of income and support to the communities in which we work. Orphan plastic (low-value, post-consumer plastic) is nonrecyclable, which means that it holds no value to waste pickers, who are largely responsible for waste management outside of urban areas in Vietnam and Cambodia. This means that plastic bags, plastic wrap, and other single-use plastics are often left where they will eventually end up in our oceans.

We have created a market for orphan plastic. We purchase this type of plastic from the waste pickers, and we deliver it to cement factories that convert into energy and raw materials. Because of our work, families enjoy an additional income as well as less plastic waste in their communities. Beyond plastic waste collection, TONTOTON also provides training, personal protective equipment, access to healthcare, and fair wages, ensuring that our projects achieve the highest standards of social and environmental change.

Interested in adding value to your customers through plastic credits? Let’s chat!