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TONTOTON is the first company worldwide certified under the Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality Standard.

The company follows the Ocean Bound Plastic Certification process and a third-party control body; Control Union which will control our activities to ensure full compliance with the standard. CU verifies the collection, logistics, and management of the OBP. Moreover, they will check and confirm the sources of OBP and confirm the amount of OBP material collected. To prevent double-counting, before issuing a Credit Certificate or Recycling Certificate for the participating company, CU will submit the Certificate to Zero Plastic Oceans for its validation in the public registry.

TONTOTON assure the removal of all kind of plastic from the environment by adding value to plastic waste and converting liability to assets. Well-developed Material Recovery Facility (MRF) facility located in Sihanoukville; Cambodia recycles low-grade plastics as well as non-recyclable plastics into products. Our upcycling programme targets to develop quality housing materials for the community including waste collectors at affordable costs. We work with the community for the community assuring improved welfare to them in direct and indirect ways.

Further, the segregation programme with households and other premises (schools, hotels, etc.) assures the recyclability of PET plastic via bottle-to-bottle recycling. We encourage the circularity of the materials throughout the management. TONTOTON only co-processes the balance amount of plastic waste that was unable to manage through recycling and upcycling. Our co-processing partner INSEE Eco-cycle, operates in full compliance with the United Nations Environmental Protection’s policies, under the Basel Convention Technical Guidelines.


zero plastic oceans

Zero Plastic Oceans is an NGO,
that promotes the collection
of Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP).

They develop certifications specifically
The OBP Certification Program
The OBP Neutrality Subprogram.


TONTOTON is an Organization,
collecting and managing
rescued Ocean Bound Plastic.

In process to be certified by Zero Plastic Oceans,
controlled by Control Union.
We become the first
OBP Neutralization Service Provider.

control union

Control Union Certification
is a company conducting
audits and certification controls.

Approved by Zero Plastic Oceans,
Control Union acts as a 3rd Party
Body to frequently control
every step of our activities.

Certification for businesses

Participating businesses, supported by TONTOTON, can define their neutralization plan to compensate for their plastic consumption. Therefore, the agreed amount of ocean-bound plastic will be collected on their behalf.

Engaged businesses will be rewarded with an international certificate to attest their support in the fight for ocean plastic pollution. Moreover, corporations can claim plastic neutrality on the amount of plastic rescued and indicate in on their products by bearing the “Plastic Neutral Product” label.

tontoton plastic badge
TONTOTON Certificate