About us


After many years of activity in the reusable packaging market, we have seen a growing demand for sustainable products from our customers.

TONTOTON was created to help solve two major problems. Firstly, collect and recycle large quantities of non-recyclable plastic before it reaches the ocean. Secondly, address the growing sustainable market alongside the need of companies to take responsibility for their plastic footprint. To address it,
we decided to develop a controlled and reliable system which operates under international standards, that can handle large quantities of plastic.

While developing the program, we toured dozens of sites in Vietnam and saw places where the recycling system works excellently
and others struggling to treat the large quantities of plastic. We met non-profit organizations, business owners, and individuals
who are willing to help if allowed to do so. Moreover, we were very excited to create new incomes for waste collectors.

We believe that the development of controlled plastic neutralization systems will help promote
a sustainable circular economy to reduce plastic pollution globally.


We believe in a WIN-WIN-WIN solution for ocean plastic pollution, one that includes diverse benefits and a blue circular economy benefitting all: the environment, the society, and businesses.


The TONTOTON program aims to rescue low-value plastic from the environment before it reaches oceans
by engaging companies to create a blue circular economy.
Through our program, we enable local communities, especially poor waste workers,
to achieve higher earnings, improve life quality, and improve access to education, services, and technology.

Our work follows the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN for The Agenda 2030.

SDG 1 No poverty
sustainable cities and communities
responsible consumption and production
life below water

Our Team

Barak Ekshtein

Barak Ekshtein

Director of TONTOTON


Mae Catibog

Sustainability Compliance
and Marketing


Lê Thi Lệ

and Operations Executive

Annie Pham

Annie Pham

Human Resources
and Accounting Manager


Trong Kam

Cambodia Team Leader